Legal firms have always faced high competition within their industry and this is only a growing phenomenon. To remain competitive, most law firms resort to specialization to create their unique identity in the marketplace. Exceptional commitment to client satisfaction by providing strategic legal services due to their excellent knowledge, skills and experience is what allows Borden Ladner Gervais LLP (BLG) to stay competitive in this space.

BLG is one of Canada’s largest national law firms that provides a broad range of legal solutions via a diverse team of over 700 lawyers, intellectual property agents and other professionals across offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. BLG’s team consists of some of the most experienced and knowledgeable legal minds in Canada.

Most organization’s across Canada are moving towards building and implementing their digital transformation roadmaps. However, a first step to building this roadmap is to analyze existing operations and building sustainable efficiencies. BLG realized that their firm’s overall operations needed to be optimized to increase workplace efficiencies and boost employee productivity.

A few of the challenges that BLG identified in its firm’s operations were:

  • Lack of transparency within their office administrative services
  • Inability to track and report on quality of print and copy jobs
  • Loss of productivity due to time-consuming processes that took critical focus away from the firm’s core business of practicing law
  • Under-utilization of talented staff members, who were spending most of their time on repetitive tasks

Based on a successful RFP submission, Ricoh was brought in to partner with BLG and address the identified challenges. Ricoh understood BLG’s philosophy, challenges and goals and presented a solution that aligned with BLG’s business objectives. Some of the solutions implemented include:

  • Providing a full complement of 22 full-time employees at BLG’s Toronto office to assume responsibility for the firm’s administrative work, including most back office and mailroom tasks.
  • Managing BLG’s national digitization initiative, which includes everything from HR files to litigation documents.
  • Expanding the partnership to include the Vancouver and Calgary operations with over 60 full-time Ricoh staff and additional services.
  • Handling essential components of meetings and client care, such as catering and AV-related requirements, by placing a Ricoh on-site employee, who acts as BLG’s Boardroom Coordinator.
  • Assisting with records reduction and copy centre operations across the country.
  • Offering new technology solutions, such as handheld devices that track courier deliveries and a secure, data-rich tracking environment.

These various solutions have allowed BLG employees to focus on what counts – the business of law! They are now more competitive than ever before and have increased levels of client satisfaction. In addition, they can take on more workload with their existing staff, because they save time on administration-related tasks. Overall, this has allowed them to increase their capacity to serve more clients, better. Want to learn more about how you can get back to the business of law, instead of focusing on administration tasks? Click here.