HR’s administrative functions are often time consuming and labour intensive when they’re paper-based or reliant on fragmented technology like Excel spreadsheets, shared drives and software that can’t share data. With office automation, the time, effort, and resources needed to manage and respond to employee-related matters can be reduced – leaving you more time to allocate towards strategic issues like employee engagement, employee wellness and preserving the company culture. While many employees continue to work from home, safe workplace reopening remains a priority item on HR’s agenda.
Let’s look at an example of how technology can work for you.

Challenges managing employee and visitor health screening requirements

Carla is the VP of Human Resources at an insurance company. In addition to implementing new safety and health policies, she has tasked the receptionist with screening employees and visitors as they enter the regional offices.
Currently, a screening form is available for employees to complete prior to arrival and hand to the receptionist at each location. Hard copies of the form are also available at the front desk for employees and visitors to complete individually upon arrival. Receptionist collects screening forms and scans them to HR at the end of each day.
This process creates a log of documents that need to be organized and data extracted for record keeping. In addition, the manual steps, the lengthy process, and errors are prominent in processing screening forms. Carla needs to find a more efficient and accurate way to screen employees and visitors so the company can comply with new guidelines without overwhelming HR team and front desk receptionist.

The Solution

Automate this function with eforms and automated workflow to provide a contactless check in and check out.
The employee can complete an online form from a mobile device or a PC prior to entering the building. Alternatively, employees and visitors can use their smartphone to scan a QR code at the door which launches an online form asking for details of their visit.
They are either denied or approved based on their answers. If approved, an entry is automatically created in the system containing all their details and notifying the receptionist. The receptionist takes and records their temperature then checks them in. For visitors, an email notification is automatically sent to the employee they are there to see. When the employee or visitor leaves the office, the receptionist checks them out of the system.
This fast and efficient process allows for multiple employees and visitors to be screened at once, generating detailed, accurate and easily searchable records of everyone who enters and exits the office or building. This process also ensures employer can retain confidentiality of the information shared via screening form. The information is also saved, searchable and readily available should contact tracing is required.

Workplace Results

HR plays a pivotal role in leading the effort to provide a secure way to screen employees and visitors to determine their health status before they enter your office. These precautions are necessary, highly visible and assure employees that it is safe to return to the office.
With eforms and automated workflows:
– Screening entries are automatically created in the system as employees and visitors fill out digital forms.
– More efficient screening process as receptionist is only responsible for taking temperatures and confirming or denying entry.
– Employees are automatically notified via email if a visitor has arrived to see them
– Able to retain detailed records that are easily searched and reviewed on as needed basis, containing form answers, temperature readings and time stamps.
– Compliant with confidentiality of the information.
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