Your government has made the decision to digitize its records, but it doesn’t know exactly how to do it. It may consider a number of digitization software tools available online. These tools may seem like a good solution due to the low initial investment. However, with these tools organizations have to digitize the information themselves. For a government which could have up to 10’s of thousands of records, this would take many employee hours and cost a lot of money. This digitization process can also lead to other problems such as:

  • Distracting other employees when the scanning is being done in the office. Workers get used to the routine in the office and become attached to it. The introduction of new processes and people can seriously hamper their productivity.
  • Records scanned and stored without any structure or order to the file – leading to the same kind of mess that digitizing information is supposed to avoid.
  • Software not being supported on different operating systems, meaning only some workers can access documentation.
  • Lots of time spent scanning files, which can range from the hundreds to the tens of thousands. Scanning is a time-expensive process which will take time away from other important tasks which government workers have to do every day.
  • Documents scanned in poor quality. Government scanners are often old and are not able to produce the high quality documents which lead to ease of use when it comes to search and retrieval.
  • Inexperienced people scanning and storing files insecurely – leading to possible noncompliance with provincial or federal legislation. These violations can potentially be very costly.
  • Projects getting stuck halfway when workers have more pressing tasks – this could make the documents they were working on nearly impossible to access for other employees. 

These difficulties are very real but they don’t mean that your government has to abandon its hopes of a modern digital office. Ricoh has a team of experienced document management workers who are familiar with government records and regulations who can handle this process for you off-site. Ricoh will:

  • Digitize documents quickly because we know how vital access to information is for local governments. We can scale upthe amount of workers on the project if the files are needed urgently.
  • Provide experience and knowledgeable scanning workers who will implement the most efficient and effective digitization processes.
  • Ensure that information is securely stored, following common intuitive naming and file structure conventions.
  • Make information accessible through mobile devices, improving productivity for remote workers.
  • Add compliance requirements directly into the system so that files with retention requirements aren’t able to be deleted.
  • Perform the scanning process on-site or off-site based on your preference. Off-site digitization ensures that government employees will not be disturbed.
  • Integrate our solution with existing software and hardware so that records are easily accessible from within other currently implemented systems.
  • Provide an expansive suite of Enterprise Content Management and Document Content Management solutions if extra functionality is required.  




We are a market leader in this field and will provide simple, secure and quick solutions for your government’s problems. Let us handle the digitization process so that employees can focus on their jobs and on creating a better government for constituents.


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