Measurement is fundamental to every aspect of a business. Whether you’re evaluating the success of advertising, assessing an employee’s work, or determining the return on investment of a new machine; measurement is critical to showing what’s working and what’s not.
As an IT professional, do you know what you should or should not be measuring? How do you demonstrate your department’s worth to the rest of the company? Here are four metrics that you or your team can track to demonstrate value.


Cost and spending

It’s common sense to measure anything that has to do with money coming into or out of your business. But it’s especially important in today’s age of digital transformation to measure the cost savings that digital projects are providing to the business. For example, if an initiative you led results in lower operational costs, track and measure how the project has impacted your company’s bottom line.


User satisfaction

How an employee or a customer feels about a technology is almost as important as ensuring the technology works properly. A well-implemented technology that’s intuitive and provides a good user experience can have lasting effects on employee engagement, customer retention and business efficiency. Consider the ways your business can best measure this important metric.


Website analytics

With so much information available about the activity and actions taken on your company’s website, it’s imperative this information is properly measured and reported. There’s a wide variety of free programs available to individuals and businesses, so no matter the financial position you’re in, there are still options to help you understand traffic and activities on your website. The analytics from your website can help you learn things about your customer journey, it can flag potential problems with pages or content, and can highlight if your web presence is helping or hurting your business.


App analytics

Similar to website analytics, your company’s app can tell a very clear story. Downloading statistics, user reviews, and usage information can help you measure your customers’ engagement with your brand or products. Measuring these trends and analytics can help to provide direction for your future IT strategy and potential projects.
While this list is by no means exhaustive, we hope it provides you with a starting ground for the type of things you and your IT teams should be measuring.