Often a school may only have a small number of people in their IT department (if they have one). Ricoh can deploy a customized solution to provide extensive support to help lighten IT’s load. 

Not having a specialized IT team can lead to several challenges, such as:

  • Teachers are pulled away from students. The primary job of teachers is and should be educating students. Every hour a teacher spends on IT tasks is an hour taken away from student-centric tasks. Adding IT responsibilities to a teacher’s workload means reducing time elsewhere.
  • Teachers are education experts, not IT experts. Teachers handling IT tasks may run into problems they can’t solve causing issues in the future, if ignored. Alternatively, teachers may spend hours completing tasks an IT professional could do in minutes.
  • Time is money. Though the argument against hiring external support is often cost, teachers and in-house IT staff have to be compensated for their time, so the cost differential is much smaller than imagined. In fact, if time and productivity are taken into account, it is clear that working with a solution provider like Ricoh actually saves money. 

In addition to circumventing the above problems, working with Ricoh provides many benefits:

  • We create customized solutions to meet your school’s exact needs. We know that every school and school board is unique. That’s why we can craft a solution that works for you. Our business consultants meet with you to discuss the optimal solutions for your problems. We also have staff with extensive experience working with schools; they are able to recommend the best way forward.
  • We provide end-to-end services. We provide extensive support for any issues that arise. Our support team is Canadian and fully Ricoh-trained (as opposed to other solution providers who have long wait times and hire help desk staff from other parts of the world).
  • Our solutions are scalable. After your school sees that it is getting great benefits from our solutions, we can easily expand the offering to tackle other challenges that have yet to be addressed. 
  • Issue tracking makes problem solving a breeze. It can be difficult to keep track of the issues that you spot. That’s why we have an easy-to-use issue tracker: users can enter their problems in real time– wherever they are and from whatever device they are using. This issue tracker is linked with our custom automated business process, so that our team receives notifications for when they are needed.
  • We use data to drive insights into common processes and how they can be addressed. We are constantly refining our systems to provide the best value. 

IT doesn’t have to be a cumbersome, tiring process, especially for teachers. Call Ricoh today.

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