Government agencies are often stretched in many different directions. Any potential change to equipment or process needs to comply with a number of environmental, security, and cost directives. It may come as a surprise, but the right hardware choice can make compliance easy for these organizations.

The Challenge: Deploying a Department-Wide Print Migration Initiative

Recently, Ricoh encountered a large government agency who wanted to roll out a department-wide print migration initiative – a transition which required the purchase of 290 multifunction printers (MFPs). Because they were using the government’s sourcing program, the MFPs needed to meet specific cost, security, and sustainability requirements, including:

  • Colour capabilities
  • Flat-rate maintenance
  • EPEAT® recognition

In order to determine the optimal solution, the agency sent out a request for proposal (RFP) to several companies, and Ricoh responded. After careful consideration, our solutions stood out against the other companies, thanks to the large number of affordable and environmentally sustainable products we offer.

The Solution: Delivering MFPs Which Meet Government Sourcing Program Standards

Ricoh’s MFPs help agencies meet the government’s sourcing program standards for advanced sustainability technologies and reduced cost. Our wide variety of options offered the following features to our client:

  • Speed – Ricoh MFPs can print 20-90 pages per minute
  • Environmental Compliance – Our solutions meet Energy Star® and EPEAT® requirements
  • Security – We offer security features such as data overwrite, hard disk drive (HDD) encryption technologies, and access and personal identification authentication
  • Predictability – Ricoh provided a flat-rate service contract, helping to eliminate unpredictable fleet-maintenance costs

Our new solutions helped meet the government’s standards for advanced sustainability technologies and reduced cost requirements of the sourcing program. The department has reduced their device-to-user ration to 1:15. Now, they’re working on the migration of 2,200 printers with on-site personnel to further reduce the ration to 1:14. Future goals include the implementation of additional technologies to help the department manage its printer fleet and improve document security.


Ricoh can help your organization comply with federal environmental, security, and cost directives. Let us show you how.