Ricoh is pleased to be named to the very prestigious Canada Order of Excellence for 2017. We have been recognized for our outstanding work and quality product. Our story is one of continuous improvement, constant refinement of services and a never-ending quest for excellence. There is a reason why we are among the most distinguished and respected companies in the field. 


Since 1984, the Canada Awards for Excellence (CAE) have existed to recognize organizations that have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Quality and a Healthy Workplace. The awards are presented by the National Quality Institute, a Canadian organization which helps and honours those organizations that are dedicated to excellence. In 2006 Ricoh received its first “Silver Award”. 

Winning silver, to us, meant we had more to do.  In subsequent years, we continued to further optimize our procedures and our internal office fundamentals to maintain a healthy workplace where employees felt happy coming to work. As a result, in 2007, we were recognized for these efforts with a Gold Trophy. Given the prestige of this award, this was a significant moment in our journey as a company and it set the stage for where we are today – and we haven’t stopped optimizing. We continue to work hard for our clients which include over two hundred and fifty local governments in Canada. Our focus on optimization helped these local governments by implementing strategic and effective solutions so that each could run more efficiently, effectively, and in compliance with regulations. Through our solutions, our local government partners were able to save money, space and valuable employee time. Your local government can too, when you work with Ricoh.



We continue to stay focused year-after-year. While we appreciate the recognition, our greatest reward is that we are able to serve local governments across the country with best-in-class service; In fact, in 2013 we were named by Excellence Canada, one of the patrons of which is the Governor General of Canada, to the Canada Order of Excellence. This award is the highest level of achievement which a company in Canada can receive, and we are very proud of that. We received this award because of our tireless efforts in increasing efficiency, even though we were already a market leader, and for our consistently high standards of customer satisfaction.

You can find out about other awards we have won at We are dedicated to providing quality service while remaining committed to bettering the world through our sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly business practices. Governments love to work with us because of our stellar track record and constituents love that their government is working with an eco-friendly company. 

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