Technology has transformed education and it’s not over. However, it may be difficult to integrate educational technology with existing systems. At Ricoh, we have worked with a number of educational institutions and have seen this problem directly. Unfortunately, one of the most common ways to choose an educational technology provider seems to be trial and error. This is an uninformed, tedious and expensive procedure. It is important to have the right technology, but it can be argued that a good implementing partner is even more important.

Here are three tips we recommend to educational institutions implementing an educational technology system.

1. Be patient and think long term

It takes time to complete a successful implementation. If you give up a new technology after a week or a month, you will never progress. It is therefore important to take a long-term view of your needs and goals. Very often, social integration is just as important as technological integration. That is, staff need time to accept and become accustomed to a new technology-based workflow. One way to combat this phenomenon is to develop a multi-year plan that includes the appointment of an internal ambassador for the new workflow. The ambassador can manage the relationship between the technology solution provider and internal employees. With an adequate multiannual plan,

2. Openly communicate

Integrating an educational technology solution requires several steps and decisions along the way. Open lines of communication will ensure that the real needs of employees are met. Training as well as Q & A sessions with a technical solution provider or internal ambassador can help clarify and solve problems quickly and efficiently.

3. Use analysis to inform decisions

Un établissement d’enseignement moderne possède beaucoup de données pouvant être analysées en vue d’éclairer la prise de décisions. Une révision hebdomadaire de telles analyses peut assurer l’élaboration de solutions adéquates. Les chiffres ne mentent pas : les analyses peuvent indiquer le bon ou le mauvais fonctionnement d’un processus. Ces données peuvent servir à la création de meilleures solutions par la suite.

L’intégration de la technologie éducative est avantageuse pour le vaste réseau d’administrateurs, de personnel, d’enseignants et d’étudiants de votre établissement d’enseignement. En vous rappelant de ces trois conseils, vous assurerez la mise en œuvre efficace de votre nouveau système.


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