Grading can be one of the most difficult, tedious and time consuming parts of teaching. This is especially true at a post-secondary institution, where there may be over a thousand students in a single class. Grading their assignments, tests, and quizzes can be a major undertaking and require the aid of multiple teaching assistants. In some cases, instructors have to set up elaborate manual processes just to get everything graded on time. Unfortunately, even with significant effort, things can go awry: graded and ungraded material can be mixed up, grading can be inconsistent or student grades can be incorrectly recorded. These issues lead to further headaches down the line for instructors as well as students.

The longer it takes to get grades to students, the longer they remain without feedback – leading to frustration and greatly limiting their learning experiences. In an increasingly competitive market for students, having inefficient grading processes can potentially damage the reputation of the College or University

The Solution: Ricoh Advanced Testing and Grading Solution

Fortunately, there is a solution. By using the Ricoh Advanced Testing and Grading Solution, powered by Crowdmark, grading large scale exams becomes easy. Tests and exams can still be delivered in paper format but once completed, tests and assignments are scanned and uploaded to our online collaborative grading and analytics platform. Instructors are able to access student test and assignments from their computers, (as well as through other personal devices including tablets and mobile devices), and grade anywhere, anytime they choose without the hassle of managing stacks of paper documents.

Our Advanced testing and grading solution is much more than just a repository for scanned documents. It preformats content based on a grading grid, so instructors can assign certain students or questions to other team members (such as teaching assistants). The graders can then markup the content digitally with comments, embedded images, hyperlinks, and more. After they are done, the digital feedback is sent directly to students. Instructors are also able to access analytics on students’ performance, helping them tailor content to individual needs.

The times of grading by wading through stacks of paper are at an end. Grade smarter with Ricoh and Crowdmark

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