Companies across the world have realized the value of outsourcing certain tasks. Law firms, however, largely have been slow to follow this trend – more than likely due to proprietary and confidentiality issues. However, there are many facets of work at a law firm that could be performed much more efficiently with an outsourcing partner.

Technology Frustrations

IT is a great place to start. Like any modern company, law firms have to deal with technology on a daily basis. This ranges from setting up computers for new employees to ensuring things run smoothly for presentations to high profile clients. Though not necessarily apparent on the surface, these are key to success. Clients used to their time being treated like it’s worth a million dollars a second aren’t going to be very impressed when they have to wait ten minutes for a lawyer to figure out the Wi-Fi problem. Another common scenario is an attorney who desperately needs a file but can’t locate it. To search and retrieve this file, they may contract paralegals and other staff, wasting everybody’s (expensive) time. Law firms should be focused on law, not on IT.

IT Done Right

Imagine a world where instead of getting frustrated that your technology isn’t working or – even worse – that it’s damaged a client relationship, you loved it for the amazing growth it allowed you to achieve.

Now imagine a world where your presentations are seamless and file retrieval takes seconds. At Ricoh, we can help you make this world a reality. When utilized properly, technology can increase efficiency, streamline processes, and help your bottom line. We have a long history of working with legal firms and the tools, technologies, and support you need. We can implement technologies across your organization and ensure that everything is running smoothly at all times – enabling your talented legal teams to find things they need, when they need it.

We achieve this by deploying solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your firm. Security and support are important to law firms. We deliver extremely secure systems, and we provide 24/7 (yes, including weekends) support. Let us handle the technology, while you reap the benefits and grow your firm.

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