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Ransomware: securing your first & last lines of defence

Ransomware is a rapidly growing threat for Canadian businesses, with devastating impact.   It is insidious, quietly penetrating an organization’s network to halt business-cri... Read more

Why you must be proactive against ransomware

For years, the defense against cyber-attacks has been to enclose all your data and devices within an impenetrable wall. When all your online activity took place in one central... Read more

Lessons from Cybersecurity Awareness month

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. While it's important to take Internet Safety seriously every day of the year, this month serves an important reminder of the realiti... Read more

Nowadays, cyber resilience is crucial for success

Business has evolved rapidly in the last few months, and remote working is one of the many changes which seem set to stay. But while we take advantage of new opportunities, so... Read more

Protecting your organization against ransomware

Ransomware attacks continue to grow in number and sophistication. If you are responsible for IT and security management in your organisation, knowing how to protect your organ... Read more

FAQs to address the threat of ransomware

When a cyber threat grows in magnitude by 35 times in one year, and continues to become even more prevalent the next, every organization should pay attention. Cyber criminals ... Read more

Cybersecurity best practices for remote workforce

The remote workforce has been growing for years, but the number of remote workers has recently spiked as entire workforces suddenly became remote. This dramatic change has lef... Read more

Securing your remote workspace and workers

The remote workspace has changed dramatically. It’s quite ‘normal’ for remote workers to have virtual drinks on a Friday afternoon as it’s common to see kids pop into video ca... Read more

Today is cultural diversity day

May 21st marks the World Day for Cultural Diversity. The United Nations created this day to encourage dialogue about culture to “promote understanding between cultures an...