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Love Your Neighbour

When Kiyoshi Ichimura founded the Ricoh Group in 1946, he had a vision for how we should treat our customers, our planet & each other:

Love your country.

Love your neighbour.

Love your work.

He called that The Spirit of Three Loves & it has defined the heart of The RICOH Way, the framework of our company’s mission, vision & values that guide us in improving the quality of living & to drive sustainability. They inform how we do business, encouraging us to constantly improve & contribute to the wellbeing of our families, our customers & our society.

From the beginning, we’ve believed in teamwork & Ricoh’s success as a global company epitomises the “Think Global, Act Local” concept. Society must harmonise with our environment & this co-existence requires vigilant efforts. Ricoh’s Corporate Social Responsibility Charter emphasises Practical Contributions to Society, including actively engaging in activities that contribute to our local communities & contributing to the development of the culture & customs of our local regions.

Aligning with The Spirit of Three Loves & specifically with Love Your Neighbour, our priority areas are Community Development, Global Environmental Conservation & Raising the Next Generation.

Global Environmental Conservation

As a global citizen, Ricoh recognises that all our families, neighbours, co-workers & stakeholders depend on the ecosystem & that biodiversity plays an indispensable role in ensuring its health. We’ve developed the Ricoh Group Biodiversity Policy in order to maintain & improve the self-recovery capabilities of the Earth.

Community Development

As a corporation, we’re an integral member of our local communities. It’s our goal to coexist & develop in harmony within our communities, contributing to the mutual development of both society & the local community by promoting social activities by utilising our resources, including our technology, our services & our human resources.

Raising the Next Generation

The future is in the hands of our children & young adults. We aim to help realise a "sustainable society" & have implemented activities to continuously elevate the next generation by utilising all of our resources in order to co-operate with parents, schools, communities & non-profit organisations to provide environments conducive to learning & growing. We, at Ricoh, view this as a "Social Innovation" cycle of sustainable development for both companies & society.

Fostering Awareness in Our Daily Business Activities

For a company to effectively utilise its resources to address social challenges, enhanced social awareness of its employees is essential. Ricoh employees strive to raise their awareness & take action by participating in volunteer activities & making efforts within their business engagements. They’re truly living the Spirit of Three Loves every day.

We promise to continue striving toward better tomorrows for our customers & the communities we serve.

We hope we inspire you to love your neighbour, too!

Join us on LinkedIn & tell us how you’re helping the world, one neighbour at a time! #LoveYourNeighbour

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