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Se débarrasser des vieux manuels scolaires

Schools often have a large amount of old textbooks filled with outdated information. However, school boards may feel compelled to keep them, since the only other option is rec... Lire la suite

Faciliter le processus de bulletins scolaires

Paper school reports are one of the things we associate most with school. We all remember going to school to retrieve these important sheets of paper, wondering what notes we ... Lire la suite

Comment Ricoh peut sauver les activités parascolaires

Parents send their children to some schools rather than others because the best education is undoubtedly their main motto. Parents love the idea of ​​a balanced experience. Te... Lire la suite

La malhonnêteté intellectuelle

Intellectual dishonesty is unfortunately a fairly common occurrence. This is a problem facing professors and administrators at all colleges and universities around the world. ... Lire la suite

Les Avantages Ricoh por les Enseignants

Teachers do not have the easy task. They work long hours and are not often thanked for their work. In addition, many teachers spend their free time recording work and finding ... Lire la suite