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The future is green! Both in Canada and around the world, governments are beginning to recognize the place of ecology in society. It is vitally important for the future that a... Lire la suite

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It is not yesterday that experts say that stress is dangerous for health and can reduce the life expectancy of an individual. Since organizations and local governments are gro... Lire la suite

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Each local government is a single entity, with its own needs and requirements. The local government of a rural area in Ontario does not have the same needs and the same proble... Lire la suite

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Les administrations locales remplissent plusieurs fonctions essentielles parmi lesquelles se trouvent la prestation de services sociaux, l’entretien des parcs et la gestion de... Lire la suite

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Ricoh is our own story of success in executing expense processing:   We have experience and knowledge in creating effective financial procedures that we can implemen... Lire la suite

Efficience : Plus qu’un aspect financier

The word "efficiency" is now synonymous with economy, but there are also other resources that your local government must be able to optimize.     When a local g... Lire la suite

L’organisation est essentielle lors d’un conflit juridique

For most people, keeping records is a difficult task that we would like to finish and forget. The files are shipped to an offsite location and are never reviewed again. This a... Lire la suite

Études de cas : Recrutement d’employés à la ville de Mount Pearl

Located in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, the city of Mount Pearl is the second largest city in the province and employs more than 25 temporary employees each year. Befo... Lire la suite

Ressources humaines : Protéger la confidentialité dans une institution publique

Human resources are by far the most important resource of an organization. It's the same thing for municipalities. Having the right people in the right positions is the ... Lire la suite

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The Buildings Department is one of the services that uses the most resources and generates many files and documents. It is also a service that requires many interactions... Lire la suite