Curriculum decisions are often made at a very high level and it may take time before the changes reach each school. In some cases, there is no problem because the changes are minor. On the other hand, if there is a delay before a school adopts the modifications or before the information goes to school, this can lead to the teaching of erroneous or obsolete information. This kind of lag is bad for the stakeholders involved, including teachers, students, administrators and parents of students.

Ricoh can help you create a fair educational experience for all students.

  • We can implement an Enterprise Content Management System (ECM) that can centralize the storage of all program information to help teachers create lesson plans based on the latest information.
  • Automatic messages can notify teachers and service leaders when changes are made to curriculum documents.
  • Data on student reaction to the new program can be generated. For example, if a more difficult level of mathematics has been introduced in a program and students have difficulty performing, teachers and administrators can pass this information to the study council, which will help them to determine the future. decisions and updates of the program in question.
  • If major changes are made to the program, professional emails can be sent automatically to parents of students.
  • Electronic manuals can be connected to Ricoh’s GCE system. These manuals can be automatically updated to better integrate changes to a program. There are a number of other benefits related to digital textbooks.
  • If all course notes are digital, it is much easier to change them without reprinting everything later. Any changes can also be communicated to students by email.

As a school board, you want your students to have the best educational experience possible. This includes keeping the subject taught up to date with government standards. Nobody wants to be late on others.

Ricoh can help your school move forward with customized solutions that will meet the exact needs of your school board. We provide full support and we can assist you every step of the way, working with you to make your school a coveted one.

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