You have just finished your exams and you are tired. And now, all you want to do is lie down in bed and relax or hang out with friends to celebrate the end of the session. Everything seems fine … except that you remember your notes. You need to know how your calculating duty was and the only way to find out is to cross the city and go to the faculty building. Farewell the rest and hello the difficulties of public transport. You will have to do the same thing tomorrow to have your algebra notes …

To see yourself in the scenario above does not really attract you to university life. Now imagine a different scenario. Instead of picking up your notes at the other end of the campus, you can simply read them on your phone from your bed.

Unfortunately most universities inflict the first scenario on their students. This creates some challenges:

  • Students are often busy with part-time work, social commitments and more. Freeing up time to get their grades on campus is not something they are eager to do.
  • Students do not necessarily know their way to buildings and can get lost by looking for the building where they have to retrieve their information. This can lead to frustration and frustration with the university.
  • Notes may not be available when they come for them. This means that students have to go home and come back another day.
  • Notes on paper may be lost or damaged and are difficult to correct if there are errors. If a student finds an error, it is a “waste of time” procedure to correct it.
  • The Canadian winter does not make traveling easy.

All aspects above have the potential to reflect a negative image of a university in the eyes of students. This image can be disseminated to the general public and future students via social media and word of mouth. Since universities depend on students to live, it is crucial that their students have a positive image of them.

Ricoh can help your students be on your side:

Nous pouvons mettre en place un système de gestion de contenu d’entreprise (GCE) dans lequel l’information des étudiants est stockée de façon sécuritaire. Ce système permet aux étudiants d’avoir accès à leurs notes et agit en tant qu’outil de communication pour contacter les étudiants. Cela signifie que les données ne doivent être entrées qu’une seule fois, réduisant ainsi l’effort de tâches répétitives.

  • Ce système peut faire le lien entre les procédures existantes et les autres systèmes d’information sur les étudiants. Les membres du personnel peuvent donc continuer à travailler avec les systèmes avec lesquels ils sont à l’aise.
  • Nous pouvons programmer le système pour générer automatiquement des rapports afin que les professeurs ne soient pas obligés de passer du temps à créer manuellement les rapports et à les imprimer.
  • Nous pouvons mettre en place un portail web convivial auquel les étudiants peuvent accéder depuis leurs appareils mobiles. Ce portail autorise les étudiants à visualiser leurs notes et à lire les commentaires sur leurs résultats ainsi que les instructions supplémentaires pour savoir comment ils peuvent continuer à s’améliorer.

Ricoh a la capacité de rendre la procédure d’accès aux notes plus simple et plus optimisée. Laissez Ricoh vous aider à garder vos étudiants heureux et vous aider à faire accroître positivement votre image publique.

Talk to a Ricoh representative about how to make life easier for students. Contact us by email at:

Finally, please note that Ricoh does not provide legal advice or compliance with any laws, regulations, bylaws or other legislative requirements by the content of this communication. It is the university’s responsibility to seek the advice of competent legal counsel to ensure compliance with such requirements.