Scoring can be one of the most difficult, tedious and time-consuming aspects of teaching. This is especially true in higher education institutions, where a single class can have more than one thousand students. Scoring their work, tests and exams can be a huge task and often requires the help of several assistants. In some cases, teachers need to develop complex manual procedures simply to get things right in time. Unfortunately, despite considerable effort, things can go wrong: rated and unrated work can get mixed up, scoring can be inconsistent, or student grades can be incorrectly recorded. These problems cause other headaches in the long run,

The more time it takes to hand out grades to students, the more students have to wait before receiving feedback – resulting in frustration for students and greatly limiting their learning experience. In an increasingly competitive market for students, ineffective scoring procedures may damage the reputation of the college or university.

What you need: Ricoh’s advanced evaluation and scoring solution

Fortunately, there is a solution. By utilizing Crowdmark’s advanced Crowdmark-based evaluation and scoring solution, scoring large-scale exams is easy. Tests and exams can always be delivered in paper format, but when they are finished, the tests and the work are digitized and uploaded to our collaborative scoring and analysis platform. Teachers can access students’ tests and work from their computers (as well as from other personal devices such as tablets and mobile devices), and have the ability to write anywhere and anywhere when without the clutter of managing multiple stacks of paper documents.

Our advanced assessment and scoring solution is much more than just a directory of scanned documents. It determines the format of the content according to an evaluation grid so that teachers can assign certain students or questions to other members of the team (such as assistants). Proofers can then annotate the content digitally with comments, embedded images, hyperlinks, and more. When they are finished, the digital feedback is sent directly to the students. Teachers can also access analytical student performance data to tailor content to their individual needs.

Gone are the days when scoring was done by rummaging through stacks of paper. Write smart with Ricoh and Crowdmark.

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