Building construction, maintenance services and catering for events are just a few services offered by public or private facilities.

Universities and colleges of all shapes and sizes are hiring thousands of temporary employees each year. Each contract results in a stack of documents that can easily be misplaced or damaged. Managing stacks of paper and a large number of digital documents takes a great deal of time and money, even for institutions with a lot of cash. To ensure that the procedures for hiring temporary employees are carried out effectively, an appropriate contract management system is required. Without a system, institutions run the risk of having significant short- and long-term costs.

For more than a decade, Ricoh has been investing in education sector analysis in Canada to understand the challenges facing institutional administrators in our society where technology is continually evolving. We are a leading service provider of a wide range of cost-effective solutions to get you on the road to the digital transition of your contract management systems.

Challenges of paper

One of the biggest challenges of the last few years is the way universities and colleges deal with external suppliers – providers who have moved much more quickly into the digital age than public institutions. As a leader in the industry, we hear the same issues on both sides of the bargaining table: 

  • Possible Corruption  – Apart from hiring quality subcontractors, without a modernized system using digital tracking mechanisms during the bidding process, institutions are at increased risk of collusion between different outsourcing companies (bid-rigging) and between internal staff and external organizations.
  • Lack of Project Timeframe  – Without a user-friendly system for documenting project progress and timelines, especially for projects requiring multiple contractors, lack of understanding can occur between staff and contractors which leads to expensive and unnecessary delays.
  • Limited Data  – Without digitized records, comparing and distinguishing between estimates as well as actual costs and new proposals can become a herculean task. 
  • Audit Issues  – Responding to audits in a timely manner is critical to maintaining regulatory compliance. If a university does not have an appropriate data recording system in place, it can be very difficult to provide auditors with the requested information. 
  • Prosecution  – If legal problems arise due to a contentious contract, all parties must provide documentation to the court. Subcontractors could keep more detailed project notes than the school. Judges have a problem with organizations that can not produce the requested documentation in a timely manner. Without a digital system, educational institutions run the risk of losing a litigation even if the subcontractor is the culprit, due to the fact that their filing systems were deficient. Loss of income and time, as well as a tarnished reputation, can be avoided with a digital system. 

Digitize contracts

With the right tools in place, even the smallest colleges can excel in acquiring the best contractors whose projects are delivered on budget and on time. The system of enterprise content management (ECM) Ricoh offers your business the tools Customer relationship management (CRM) you need to manage your contracts effectively: 

  • A complete tracking system – Ricoh’s security system tracks contracts from start to finish. Your team, with the help of a trained coordinator, can consult the date on which a contract was published and granted, and review the benchmarks until completion to ensure due diligence for all. the stages of the project.
  • An intuitive interface to view data  – All data is presented in an easy-to-understand way so employees can spot problems before they are too late.
  • Pattern Matching Algorithm  – Ricoh’s system includes sophisticated algorithms that check data regularly to signal any possible problem.
  • Automated submission protocols  – Transparency is the key to the public bid process. With Ricoh CRM, all submissions require the approval and approval of multiple employees before they are accepted. Our automated system records the names of employees who have approved contracts throughout the procurement process.

With Ricoh, you get the experience and commitment

Over one hundred post-secondary institutions across Canada have chosen Ricoh for one reason:  We are an internationally recognized, award-winning company and stand out through our customized solutions to meet your unique needs. In addition to our software, we offer the best service to customers: 

  • We provide full technical support so your IT services can focus on other critical procedures.
  • We offer best practices for managing an efficient transition from your old system to our overall solution.
  • Our  solutions integrate with your existing software and equipment , which means no unnecessary equipment purchases are needed.
  • We are experts in providing educational solutions in Canada : Our education professionals have the know-how to adapt your systems to help you stay compliant with provincial or local regulations. of the territory.
  • We are committed to listening to your needs , analyzing your current systems and developing a CRM system that reflects your unique school, college, university or trade school.
  • Nous adoptons des pratiques d’affaires durables et éthiques qui protègent notre environnement pour les futures générations. En vous alliant à Ricoh, vous démontrez à votre personnel, à vos étudiants et à la communauté que votre établissement prend des décisions qui sont non seulement bonnes pour les résultats, mais également pour notre planète.

Parlez à un représentant de Ricoh dès aujourd’hui sur la façon dont nous pouvons aider votre établissement d’enseignement à faire la transition au 21e siècle avec des procédures numériques optimisées qui permettent de gérer les contrats externes sans tracas. 


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