At a time when sustainability and environmental practices are under increased scrutiny, Ricoh stands out. The company received the title of one of the most ethical companies in the world for the seventh year. This award pays tribute to companies that translate into reality, the principles they advocate and that show their stubborn desire to integrate confidence in the culture and composition of their company. This award highlights how a company is organizing to meet future industry standards by incorporating today’s best practices today. We are proud to be the winners of this award along with other companies such as 3M, General Electric, Kellogg, L’Oreal and MasterCard.

often express their commitment to ethical and sustainable work, but
they rarely go further because they have not invested to keep their
promise or because it is too expensive to keep.
Ricoh’s award winning solutions represent the ideal combination that’s both extremely efficient and
environmentally friendly. Our global
Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) solutions help
local governments better optimize workflows and increase the productivity of
their environment. We offer highly customizable solutions that administrations
local authorities can integrate into existing processes. We can redesign
municipal processes from the bottom up, or we add the right touch
to fine-tune the process. In keeping with our commitment to
eco-friendly processes, our electronic systems help eliminate
paper records, which not only saves trees, but
also saves municipalities money by eliminating the
high costs of doing business. printing and storage.

According to the award-winning Ethisphere Institute, the winners not
only promote ethical business standards and
internally, but they exceed the minimum compliance requirements set out
in the law. This commitment to compliance is one of the reasons
that has motivated about 100 local governments in Canada to work with
Ricoh. We directly integrate compliance requirements into
our solutions so they can be easily commissioned. We
have a team of professionals who are extremely knowledgeable
about local government requirements on various topics, such as
retention periods and the processing of access to information requests. We
can create automated, simplified business procedures that will help you
help to process access to information requests more quickly and
cheaply. Unlike the usual roll-out, with our
voter-driven system, the applicant receives
notice at every stage of the process and can do anything from the
initial application to the reading the information requested on his computer or
smart phone. Thanks to this progress, voters are more satisfied
and more engaged. When working with Ricoh, local governments know
they are dealing with a reliable company.

Citizens respect ethical societies, with
eco-friendly practices and they look favorably on
administrations that decide to do business with them. Ricoh is a world
-renowned company that has worked with
local governments in Canada and can help your administration become more
environmentally responsible, efficient and lawful.


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