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The Spirit of Three Loves

Happy Canada Day!

This year Canada’s birthday is extra special, marking 150 years since July 1, 1867 when four provinces joined together to form one country.  This weekend, from coast to coast, Canadians will join together, united in celebration, with fireworks, events, parades, live music, cultural performances & food.  All.  The.  Food. 

This love of country underpins The Ricoh Way with the Spirit of Three Loves - the founding principles of Ricoh.  In 1946, Ricoh’s founder, Kiyoshi Ichimura crafted The Ricoh Way to shape Ricoh’s approach to business & the Spirit of Three Loves continues to define Ricoh’s identity today.  

Love your neighbour.

Love your country.

Love your work.

Mr. Ichimura explained the philosophy as follows: Everyone at least loves himself/herself. As time passes, however, this feeling of love grows and expands to include all people, plants and animals in the world. This philosophy drives Ricoh toward providing excellence to improve the quality of living.  

Some might question the relevance of a 71-year-old business philosophy centred around love in today’s fast-paced information economy where time is money and news is old the moment it hits our tablets & mobiles.  It was - and remains - visionary in its simplicity, grounded in universal language & a fundamental human emotion.  Integrity in our work, respect for people & harmony with our planet - what a refreshingly simple way to look at ourselves & our businesses.    

Happy Canada Day, friends.  Love your country! Love your neighbour! Love your work ... can wait til Tuesday!

Show us some Love! Visit us on Facebook & join our #ricoh3loves contest running all summer long!

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