By: Robert MacDonald, Marketing Manager, Ricoh Canada Inc. 
Every day, small and mid-sized businesses that rely on documents to power their operations face risk, unnecessary costs, and productivity challenges that impact their day-to-day, which can include:  
  • The inability to access information easily, quickly and efficiently 
  • Processing contracts or delivering services that rely on paper 
  • Losing (or finding) physical documents and receipts 
  • Maintaining data security 
  • Dealing with IT distractions  
  • Meeting the needs of work from anywhere employees 
  • Increasingly rising costs due to inflation
It’s a long list of challenges to overcome, and we haven’t even talked about the thousands of hours and labour costs related to creating and maintaining these documents every year… 
With many workplaces no longer needing to be a central location, many business owners and small teams are finding it harder than ever to do their work the way they always have without the right technology. At the same time, standing still is the same as taking a step backwards. 
While small businesses recognize the importance of digitization – or document management – many haven’t yet taken the important and necessary steps because:  
  1. Solutions are often designed for large organizations and are expensive
  2. It can be overwhelming to implement change: both in cost and in effort
  3. They lack technical expertise, understanding and support
When these obstacles are removed, most Canadian SMEs are well-positioned to get the most out of their technology investments, information and employees.  
However, the challenge – until now – has been for providers to deliver a solution that didn’t only solve for one isolated business process or need (think: just accounts payable or just contracts) while justifying change, providing an immediate impact on the day-to-day operations and delivering a quick return on investment.
Could your business use cost savings like this to redeploy staff and eliminate the headache of having to hire more staff to deal with everyday operational ‘gotchas’? 
Ricoh is excited to announce that, in collaboration with DocuWare (a wholly-owned Ricoh subsidiary), we have designed a solution specifically for Canadian small and mid-sized businesses like yours. 
Ricoh’s Document Management Foundations package is an all-in-one cloud document management solution that turns paper-based processes into digital ones, while allowing for automation of repeatable tasks and workflows.  
It combines everything business owners need to feel confident and secure about adopting a technology solution for a team, department or their entire organization. 
In as little as 1-week you can: 
  • Access digital versions of your paper documents anywhere, anytime and from any device 
  • Spend less time searching for files by storing documents in a centralized repository 
  • Simplify & accelerate the processing of incoming documents using Intelligent Indexing to automatically capture, sort, digitize and store your data securely in the cloud 
  • Secure business critical information with multiple layers of redundancy 
  • Provide better data accuracy and controlled document access to relevant staff, stakeholders, departments and even business partners. 
  • Reduce operational costs due to: 
  • Storage costs 
  • Copying and printing costs 
  • Staff time 
  • Business process costs 
  • Security and disaster recovery costs 
  • Set up virtual filing cabinets according to business process 
  • Digitize paper documents into electronic forms to be stored accordingly (accounting, HR, sales, service, or even operations) 
  • Leverage pre-configured forms and templates to automate workflows like invoices, contracts or sales proposals, time off requests, and importantly: secure document archiving 
  • Act as an engine for future time-savers and affordable business accelerator add-ons like electronic signatures, invoice processing, employee management and many more 
Foundations is a turn-key solution that can be deployed in 5 just days. Ricoh’s Professional Services team will work with your team to get you up-and-running – without hassles or headaches.  
If your business is still relying on paper-based processes in areas like accounting, HR, sales or even operations, then it’s time for a change to something easier, faster and better 
Talk to us to learn more about Ricoh’s Document Management Foundations package – a cost-saving must-have for 2022.