imagine.change. is more than just Ricoh’s tagline. It’s the ethos that our employees embody so that they can focus their imaginative thinking to drive change. Over the next few months, we’ll be featuring a series of articles about Ricoh employees who have actively changed their communities, teams, and workplace for the better. We consider them to be the true Ricoh Change Makers.

Ricoh’s Spirit of Three Loves have been the guiding principles across the organization for more than 80 years. They inform how we do business and encourage us all to pursue continuous improvement and contribute to the well-being of our families, customers and communities.
There is no better example of this than Victor Groleau, an Ottawa-based Ricoh technician. For most of his life, Victor has been donating blood and living Ricoh’s spirit of “loving your neighbour.”

Mother knows best

Victor was introduced to blood donation at a young age. When he was 16, his mother told him and his brother about a mobile blood clinic in the neighborhood. “Mom got the ball rolling. She said, ‘two healthy young boys like you, get out there. I would if I could.’” And, without putting up a fight, the boys listened to their mother about doing good and helping others.
And while the boys were earnestly abiding by their mother’s rules, over time their contributions grew into a healthy competition to see “who could bleed the fastest.” Even as they got older and began separate lives, Victor and his brother continued the tradition; stopping by a local clinic after work or on their way home to donate and “race”.

Brotherly competition becomes life-long commitment

What started out as a friendly competition between brothers has turned into a life-long commitment. In 2015 he was celebrated for having achieved his 100th donation. And today, he has proudly donated over 153 times.
Humbly, Victor describes his motivation for being a regular donor: “It feels good to do good. I just try to do good as much as I can in everyday aspects of my life, if I can make somebody smile every day I will.”

An advocate for blood donation

Victor’s commitment to donation isn’t just about his own actions. He has advocated for the value and importance of blood donors. In fact, he’s continued the tradition of donating as a family by encouraging his wife and daughter to join him.
 Amid the COVID-19, he and his family remain committed to their value of “doing good for others,” and he wants others to try it for themselves.
Not one to enjoy the spotlight, Victor felt compelled to share his story for the attention it would bring to blood donation rather than to himself. “I always like to highlight the need and importance of blood donors, even if we can convince a few people to try it, it’s worth it.”

A Ricoh Change Maker

Through his humble actions, Victor is creating change for those whose lives depend on blood donations. When asked why he donates, he acknowledges that it’s simply “because I can.” But, this simple act has meant life or death for the recipients, and changed their health outcomes for the better. For that, he is a valued Ricoh Change Maker who has impacted countless lives over the years.
There is an immediate need for blood and demand is rising across Canada. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a blood donor click here or simply book an appointment to be part of Canada’s lifeline.