outsourcing IT
You’ve worked nearly 80 hours this week. Waking up before the crack of dawn, rushing from one client meeting to the next, skipping out on lunch because a conference call went a little too long – a schedule that’s all too familiar for many small to mid-sized business owners. To add to the chaos, you have 50 employees expecting a paycheque tomorrow, and Susan from payroll hasn’t been able to log in to her desktop all morning.
When the success of your business is top-of-mind, interruptive technology is the last thing you need. Instead, your IT should work like electricity – predictable, reliable and stress-free. So how can you stay focused on your business and spend less time managing IT? Your solution may be outsourcing – here’s why:

Why Outsource It?

1) Systems Knowledge Down to the Very Last Byte

When you outsource your IT, you hire certified experts. Gone are the days that your administration generalist has to Google a solution to a technical problem, learn on the clock or take an ‘educated guess’ at major tech purchases.
With outsourced IT, you can rest assured that the person you are working with was hired for their valuable and diverse skills, experience and expertise.

2) IT that Doesn’t Break the Bank

Salary isn’t the only place you’ll save when outsourcing – an IT partner can help you maintain a leaner overhead.
Outsourcing your IT allows you to work with a centralized purchasing partner to save on procurement costs, rather than making various on-the-fly purchases. Your IT partner can also work with you to customize your strategy based on your company’s unique needs. Rather than making hefty, long-term purchases, an IT partner will consider hardware and software leasing – a more scalable solution that can grow up or down with your business.

3) Technology Solutions Driven by Business Minds

Your single internal IT person can only have so many resources and capabilities. An IT strategy shouldn’t be strictly focused on the latest and greatest technology – it needs to take into account your unique business environment. With outsourced IT, you’ll get a full range of skills, resources and relationships, providing you with the flexibility to explore the options that best suit your business needs.

4) Support that’s Still Up When the Sun’s Down

It’s August, and one of those notorious afternoon thunderstorms causes a power outage, sending your server down. Without technology, you’re already losing valuable productivity, time and money. The bigger problem? Your internal IT person is in Europe on summer holidays and you have no one to get your system back up and running.
With outsourced IT, you can rest assured that your technology is working for your business 24 x 7 x 365 – no need to worry about vacation coverage or sick days.