Love Your Work – Achieving Work-Life Balance at Ricoh
Love Your Work – Achieving Work-Life Balance at Ricoh

July 5 marked the celebration of National Workaholics Day. Ironically, National Workaholics Day is not about celebrating the overworked and overstressed. Instead, it is a gentle reminder to everyone to strive for an even balance between home and work life.

With the average person spending over 90,000 hours of their life at work1, it’s no surprise that the vast majority of today’s workforce is overworked.  Sacrificing personal time for work can be counteractive on many levels. Many individuals end up performing ineffective work practices which produces low quality output – all at the cost of home life and personal growth.

Ricoh’s success can be attributed to one of its Three Loves of “Love Your Work”. While Ricoh understands that its employees as individuals are not solely defined by their work, it recognizes that first and foremost, its employees must love the work that they do.

At Ricoh, employee engagement acts as a powerful measure to ensure that its employees continue to practice this important Ricoh love. By continuously identifying and addressing areas of improvement, customized action plans are implemented to ensure that employees are satisfied not just by the work that they do – but with Ricoh as an organization.

Ricoh’s culture of ongoing learning and collaboration strives to make employees feel that they are continually refining their areas of expertise over the course of their careers. Ensuring that employees feel empowered by their work is further supported by efforts to navigate their careers in the ever-changing landscape of the digital workplace.

The reality of working life in any organization comes with challenges that can be frustrating, daunting, or in some cases faced with adversity. To practice the principle of “Love Your Work”, a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment should outweigh these challenges in any employee’s journey of work and their career.

With many initiatives in place such as a health and wellness program; flexible working options and a time off purchase program, Ricoh appreciates that the issue at hand is not about a work-life balance but more specifically a work-life integration.

With Ricoh’s success in Empowering Digital Workforces, the principle of “Love Your Work” encourages all employees to regularly ask themselves key questions such as:

–           Did I grow?

–           Did I learn?

–           Did I make a difference?

It is the responses to these questions that truly embody the principle of “Love Your Work”.


Natalie Chung

Marketing & Brand Communications Manager

Ricoh Canada Inc


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