Be a Technologically Advanced School Board 

Ricoh can help you optimize your processes and cultivate a reputation as one of the best school board’s in your region. Such a distinction can help elevate the status of your school and lead to more funding and higher prestige for current employees.

Our processes include: 

  • Digital storage– Storing your data digitally in a central enterprise content management (ECM) system eliminates paper from most processes. This means extensive savings in terms of time – searching for information; money – towards filing and maintenance of paper documents and space – in terms of storage of legacy paper documents. All types of savings can be re-allocated to other growth opportunities that the board previously wanted but couldn’t afford. 
  • Automation– At Ricoh, we know that capturing documents digitally is only the first step. It’s what you do with that information that counts. We take a comprehensive look at your school system’s programs and isolate complex, time-consuming processes that can be automated. Incorporating automated business processes into the workflow can save personnel time, increase accuracy of information and streamline tasks. 
  • Data-centric– Companies can analyze stored and collected digital information and data to help drive future insights. Data can drive further streamlining of processes to increase workplace productivity and improve efficiency.
  • Environmentally friendly – Ricoh has won numerous national and international awards for our commitment to environment friendly and sustainable processes. Our solutions help organizations greatly reduce paper waste and go green.

Work with Ricoh to become one of the most technologically advanced school board’s in your region. Digital and technological advancement have the following advantages:

  • Attracting more students – This includes attracting new international students. Immigrant families looking for the right place to build roots usually consider enrolling their children into the best educational institute, in their selected area, as one of their top priorities.
  • Winning tech awards– Your eligibility for awards for being a technologically proficient and/or environment friendly school increases with process automation solutions as part of your infrastructure. One of the client’s, which is a regional school board, has won two consecutive ECM awards for their technical prowess. For these awards, board members were flown out to California for the ceremony. There may also be government grants available for environmental initiatives that your school introduces or participates in, in your region. 
  • Prestige– Being technically adept makes others take notice. Staff may even hear other boards asking them ‘how do you do that?’ Employees like to know they are working at an organization that is considered a trend-setter and is successful and respected in its field. 
  • Increased productivity– Happy employees are more productive. Creating a positive work environment, allows, in turn, a further increase in productivity, which brings more positivity – a great, virtuous cycle. All of these elements help save the board time and money. 
  • Satisfied parents– All parents like to know that their kids are going to the best schools. The more respect your board gains, the happier parents are. These happy parents will spread the word about your school to other parents and possibly friends and family abroad, leading to more students and, thus, more revenue.

Ricoh can help you not just meet, but SET the future trends in technological advancement within the education sector. Call us to find out more.


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