time for change

According to a recent IDC study, the average worker spends nearly 35 percent of their time looking for information they need to do their job. And they only find that information 56 percent of the time.

It’s time for change!

Most of us already know that we need to revamp the way we work. A survey by the Digital Workplace Experience conference revealed 95 percent of organizations agree that a digital workplace is important. Yet, only 44 percent of workplaces have some form of digital workplace programs in place!

In today’s data-driven information economy, we need to ensure our information is managed, secure & easily accessible. We need to free our employees from time-consuming, routine tasks like haunting file rooms & digging through digital graveyards trying to locate & track information. 

We need change!

Information is the lifeblood of any organization. It needs to be secured & most of all, accessible. According to IDC’s whitepaper based on their global study “Organizational Blind Spot: The Role of Document-Driven Business Processes in Driving Top-Line Growth” 83.2 percent of survey respondents believe that streamlining business functions would have a positive impact on revenue.

Imagine. Change.

We need our teams focusing on relationships. With an efficient flow of information crossing desks, we’ll see real change take shape. We’ll see our teams focusing on what we like to call their “authentic talent”: free to work on what matters most to your organization; free to generate meaningful work that materially contributes to your bottom line.

Ricoh Empowers the Digital Workplace by helping individuals work smarter!

Business process automation, a.k.a. BPA, is not a product. BPA is the integration of people, technology and processes that often include offerings from various areas of expertise. It’s an organizational transformation that aims to drive efficiency, provide transparency and facilitate compliance for repeatable processes. Underlying these fundamental business goals, BPA contributes to workplace productivity, efficiency & employee satisfaction.

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