Universities handle a large amount of data – grades, admission applications, etc. Ricoh can help implement a comprehensive digital system, so that this data is always at your fingertips. You may learn important information, which helps you speed up processes, increase revenue, and most importantly, provide a better experience for your students.

Not using digitized data can seriously hurt the bottom line for schools:

  • Financial data could reveal accounting errors.
  • Coordination and implementation of student engagement programs can be improved to create better student experience. 
  • A bottleneck in one or more processes can seriously hamper efficiencies.
  • Data accumulated from individual cases may show a widespread problem that can inform safety, legal and mental health issues when seen in an organized fashion.
  • Employees may not be as productive, if they aren’t held accountable for what they are doing and how fast they are doing it.
  • Admissions data could be used to better target new students and see what appeals to them.
  • Trends for class enrollments, which are currently done manually, if at all, can highlight popular courses that allow decisions in terms of subjects to be offered and investments for growth in specific fields of studies. 
  • Reviews on teacher performance could be centralized and used more efficiently to inform promotion and tenure decisions. 
  • Students/staff may lose confidence in their own institutions if they see more efficient systems and infrastructures being used at other top universities/colleges.

Get the Ricoh Advantage

Ricoh can develop an enterprise content management (ECM) system to capture all of this data and to help you create a stronger, more advanced educational institute. There are a myriad benefits to what we can implement: cost and time savings in procurement, contracting, hiring, and more. Advantages of this system can benefit students, professors, researchers, and administrative staff across the institution.

Students can be more confident knowing that steps are being taken to make their experience the best it can be. They can have the option to get information about their grades and see if their favorite events are booked.

Staff will see that their contributions are being noticed. Great professors will see that their hard work is recognized. Staff can save lots of time especially when it comes to the removal of mundane morale busting paperwork, which increases job satisfaction. A confident and satisfied team of employees at any level also turns in to profitability for the institution. 


Talk to a Ricoh representative about how you can use data to your advantage. Contact us at educationsolutions@ricoh.ca .

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