You may be asking, “Why choose Ricoh? There are many other ECM/BPM providers out there.”

As the industry leader, Ricoh stands above the competition for many reasons, perhaps the most important of which being our thorough knowledge of local governments and their unique needs. Having worked with multiple local municipalities across Canada has given us a depth of experience which we leverage to provide comprehensive solutions to the problems facing governments today. Ricoh’s systems are fully customizable to the particular needs of each government and feature native integration of current legislative requirements.

Whether your government needs help designing an effective automated workflow system for payroll, contract management, building permits, or accounts receivable, Ricoh can provide what you need while complying with related laws and regulations. We take pride in our staff of dedicated government professionals who are well versed in the unique records management legislation for each of the provinces and territories of our great nation. For a government in Nova Scotia, our solutions allow categorization of records according to the specific series listed within the Municipal Governments Act. Part 20 (XX) of this act requires certain information to be made available within 30 days of a request; our automated business process will notify employees when this deadline is approaching to ensure compliance. From the Municipal Act in Manitoba to the Municipal Government Act in Alberta, Ricoh’s knowledge and experience remain unmatched. Our expertise in working with local governments enables us to anticipate issues and recommend best practices for procedural optimization.

Software should make life easier – not harder. We know our job doesn’t end with delivering the perfect solution; so, we provide extensive support with additional services including best practices for managing the transition. Ricoh solutions integrate seamlessly with existing software and hardware to ensure transitions are simple. Providing centralized access to organized data, our comprehensive systems allow for cross-departmental collaboration and make search and retrieval easy. In these and many other ways, Ricoh saves valuable time and resources, enabling employees to focus on more important governmental functions.

Ricoh is an internationally recognized award-winning company which knows how to get things done – and does so in an environmentally-friendly, ethical manner. As a reflection of our commitment to provide excellent service, we have been named to the Canada Order of Excellence, the highest honor awarded to a Canadian organization. We take great pride in who we have been and are constantly striving for an even brighter future. We work tirelessly to constantly update our systems to stay current with leading-edge technology.

The answer is clear – given our experience, knowledge, and deep commitment to our clients – you can confidently work with Ricoh!

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Finally, please do keep in mind that Ricoh is not providing legal advice or ensuring legal compliance with any law, regulation, by-law or any other legislative requirement with respect to the content of this communication. It is the municipality’s responsibility to obtain advice of competent legal counsel to ensure its compliance with such requirements.