Post-secondary institutions deal with a tremendous amount of invoices. This often means a complicated account payable process. If these processes rely on paper or silo-based case management solutions, it can impact an organization’s bottom line. Unfortunately, many of these issues can remain hidden, meaning that an organization may not even know it is bleeding money.

How Ricoh Can Help

Ricoh has worked with hundreds of post-secondary organizations in Canada and can spot these inefficiencies. Our expert team has extensive experience and, unlike other solution providers, we don’t just sell you software and walk away. We have a full team of business consultants, sales engineers, and more who analyze your unique situation and work with you to get the best and most effective and efficient process in place.

We can deploy a solution, which includes various cutting-edge features, depending on your needs:

  • An extremely secure enterprise content management (ECM) system, which can store all data about transactions and contracts. Invoices can be tracked during every step of the process, so there is clarity as to their status. The system can be set up such that alerts are automatically generated when a payment deadline is approaching. Some invoices may have early payment deadlines, and the system can raise alerts for these as well.
  • Automated processes to reduce manual tasks and ensure staff can focus on more critical tasks. Personalized emails can be automatically sent to individual stakeholders for various tasks such as when an invoice is due or paid.
  • Data and documents can be easily shared between departments and teams. Employees can be tagged within the ECM system, and they can comment directly on an item – no more running around and sharing paper copies.
  • Data is stored on current processes and on how tasks are being implemented. This data can be utilized to optimize existing processes and ensure that organizations stay on top of their game.
  • Mobile-friendly solutions for employees to access and comment on data anytime, anywhere.

Our solutions have many benefits over other solution providers. Not only do we provide a full team of experts, we do so much more:

  • We can integrate with existing software and hardware– reducing unnecessary costs.
  • Our systems are extremely scalable, and we can set it up so that you only pay for the space that you use – helping your bottom line;
  • We execute end-to-end and make sure that everything we do is focused on helping you achieve your goals.
  • We provide extensive support/consulting. Our support team consists of Ricoh professionals extremely familiar with the educational business environment and the technical specifications of the software needed to insure success.

It would be impossible to list all of the benefits we provide in one blog post!

To learn more, please contact a Ricoh representative today, so we can help you save money and time.

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