Ricoh has always been committed to pursuing waste reduction and environmentally friendly business processes. We are dedicated to working with local governments to provide such solutions while simultaneously making processes cheaper, more effective and more efficient. While drastically lowering the number of paper records, our solutions reduce the amount of storage space that governments require – space which can often be extremely costly to maintain. We are proud of our environmentally friendly and ethical business practices and have received awards for our work from a number of prestigious organizations. Ricoh is proud to announce that we have received the highest honours in the Sustainable Product and Service category at the Recycling Council of Ontario Awards Gala in Toronto, Ontario. The Recycling Council of Ontario is a not-for-profit organization involved in education on the issues of waste reducing, reusing and recycling. We receive such awards as a reflection of our commitment to not only meeting but exceeding compliance requirements.

Forward-thinking local governments love to work with us for this very reason. These governments know that the next few years have been predicted to bring many environmental initiatives and increased compliance requirements enacted by provincial and federal governments. Local governments across Canada place their trust in Ricoh because of an awareness of this fact and the knowledge that we are a market and thought leader in this space. Future challenges are fast approaching and Ricoh can help your government meet them. 

Ricoh is dedicated to working with local governments to create the perfect enterprise content management (ECM) or records management solution for their unique needs. Unlike most other case management solutions, our ECM solution is comprehensive and flexible, allowing for agile cross-pollination between departments. No longer does there need to be numerous copies made of records for multiple people to read them at once. Now, records can be digitally stored in a secure electronic repository which authorized employees can access through any device – including tablets and smartphones. We employ sophisticated automated business processes so that employees don’t have to spend time writing memos or chasing around department heads for their signatures. Saving vital time and money, these processes allow employees to concentrate on other, constituent-focused tasks. We recognize that often governments want to do the right thing and be environmentally friendly but are deterred from doing so by tight budgets. We solve this problem by employing solutions which are not only eco-friendly but which also save time and money. 

Make sure that your government is capitalizing on its resources and is prepared for future legislation by working with a globally recognized award-winning company – Ricoh. 

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Finally, please do keep in mind that Ricoh is not providing legal advice or ensuring legal compliance with any law, regulation, by-law or any other legislative requirement with respect to the content of this communication. It is the municipality’s responsibility to obtain advice of competent legal counsel to ensure its compliance with such requirements.