Teachers have a difficult job. They work long hours and are often not thanked for their work. Many teachers also have to spend their free time marking papers and locating documents. This leads to dissatisfaction, which, in turn, may result in teachers not being able to focus on students as much as they would like – leading to a less than optimal learning environment.

At Ricoh, we recognize this challenge. We have designed a number of sophisticated software tools, so that teachers can forget about the paperwork and get back to doing what they do best: educating our children.

We achieve this through making:

  • Testing easy–Through our comprehensive education analytics solution, teachers can create customized tests with ease. These tests are designed to be printed on plain paper – no expensive scantron sheets or equipment required. Through our Ricoh multifunction printers (MFPs), the tests can be marked with lightning speed. More impressive still, these marks can be linked to broader processes through our enterprise content management (ECM) deployments, meaning data can go straight from the device to the student information system without any extra manual work for teachers. This data can then be used to understand student patterns, so that better tests can be designed in the future (e.g., if every student misses a particular question, then perhaps that question was too difficult or was poorly worded).
  • Schools more environmentally friendly –School curricula increasingly require that teachers speak to students about the importance of conserving the environment. However, it can be hard to do this when you are using thousands of sheets of paper. There may be an embarrassing moment where, during a lesson on conservation, a student asks: if it’s so important to save paper, then why do we use so much in class? Imagine that instead of this embarrassing scenario, you can use your paperless classroom as an example of how your school and, by extension, the students are helping to protect the environment. That’s a message that works. 
  • Report cards hassle-free.Traditional implementations of reports can be hard to manage. It’s a common trope that students say, “I’ve lost my report card” – causing parents to contact the school to get it. Also, parents may have to make the trip to school during the summer just to pick up the report card. Because these are only issued every couple of months, parents may be shocked at the marks their children are getting and take issue with the school. Reports also take significant time for teachers to make and distribute. These are very real problems, which affect students, parents, and teachers alike. 

Luckily, there’s a solution!

Through Ricoh’s ECM processes, report cards are made easy. As all the data is stored within one digital system, reports can be generated automatically from existing information. These reports can be automatically distributed through email to students as well as parents, ensuring that all parties are on the same track. Teachers can customize distribution, so parents aren’t overloaded with emails or given too much information. This cuts down on a significant amount of work for teachers and allows them to focus on their students. 

Unlike other solution providers, we are extremely well versed in Canada’s education landscape. We have worked with over 1500 Canadian elementary and high school boards, which collectively employ tens of thousands of teachers. This means that when teachers use Ricoh tools, they can be confident that they will work the way they say they will. We also provide extensive support should any problems ever come up. The peace of mind you get when you choose Ricoh is invaluable, so contact us today and make life easier for teachers and students alike!

Talk to a Ricoh representative about how your school board can remain compliant. Contact us at educationsolutions@ricoh.ca .

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