Have you ever stumbled upon that musty room on your school campus; the one that houses reams and reams of paper documents? If so, you might have been just curious enough to pull open a creaky file cabinet drawer and peer inside. Besides dust and cobwebs, you’d also find years, if not decades, worth of classroom notes, field trip permissions, cafeteria orders, grade reports … you name it, you’ll probably find it. And it’s not just your school. Traditional school systems in Canada are required by law to retain documents and records. Some schools, bursting at the seams, are paying to store paper documents off-site.

You’re right to ask: Isn’t there a better way? 

Paper document management and retention is a costly endeavor better left in the 20th century.

  • Equipment and product costs – Printed documents require money for ink, paper, and the purchase and service of costly office equipment. Take, for example, one paper document, five pages long. Now multiply that by twenty students. And then multiply that by 15 classes. There has to be better ways to invest your limited educational resources.
  • Storage costs – Documents stored onsite take up valuable school space better suited for student-facing activities. When there’s no longer room onsite, schools must rely on offsite storage – adding additional costs to money-strapped budgets. 
  • Staff time – Today, digitized technologies relieve staff from the highly inefficient task of managing a paper document system (printing, copying, collating, and filing). With a few strokes, personnel are able to search and retrieve data – enabling them to respond to inquiries with precision and efficiency.
  • Security – Paper documents are vulnerable to damage from fire or floods, creating myriad problems – including compliance issues – for school boards, administrators, and teachers.
  • Image – Today’s parents, their children, and even new personnel fresh out of college are dependent, like no generation before, on technology to communicate, schedule, and even sign legal documents. If your school is still dealing in paper, it sends a message to prospective employees as well as your new crop of students that you’re behind the times. Leaving them to wonder: if this school’s behind the times in technology, what else is outmoded?

Ricoh to the Rescue

For over a decade, Ricoh has been helping schools embrace the wonderful world of technology. That’s why numerous schools across Canada have chosen us as partners in developing digitized storage solutions, which rescued them from antiquated technologies and saved them time and money.

With Ricoh, you get state-of-the art guidance in identifying your school’s specific needs. The result: a seamless transition to digitizing and storing all your documents securely in the Cloud. What’s more, Ricoh’s solutions integrate with existing software and hardware, reducing add-on costs often associated with off-the-shelf programs.

Many Canadian schools have already done away with their musty storage rooms and costly offsite storage units. Isn’t it time your school joins the Cloud movement?

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