Business People Meeting Seminar Sharing Talking Thinking Concept
Business People Meeting Seminar Sharing Talking Thinking Concept

The greatest asset of a company, a country, or the Earth itself, is the imagination of its people. By thinking creatively & collaborating with each other, people can improve the way communities live & work together.

When Kiyoshi Ichimura founded the Ricoh Group in 1946, he had a vision for how we should treat our customers, our planet & each other:

Love your country.
Love your neighbour.
Love your work.

He called that The Spirit of Three Loves & it has defined the heart of The RICOH Way, the framework of our company’s mission, vision & values that guide us in constantly improving & contributing to the wellbeing of our families, our customers & our society.

Since our beginning in 1993 as the Canadian headquarters for Ricoh Company Ltd, Ricoh Canada Inc. has always been at the forefront of workplace innovation.

Yesterday, that meant creating the first office fax machine, enabling people to work smarter, better & faster than ever before. Today, that means information mobility, which is the ability to capture, manage, access and use the information you need – wherever and whenever you need it – driving the business results you want.

As for tomorrow, that vision is already taking shape in our heads and in our labs, too. And when the workplace begins its next major change, our imagination will help drive it.

We know firsthand how important it is to Love Your Work. We also know that the way people work is evolving and we’re helping to inspire the change & lead the charge. Today, computers, laptops, tablets & phones are all tools of your trade. As a result, you don’t just go to work. You need work to come to you.

Ricoh has evolved far beyond the traditional office solutions of yesterday. Today we empower digital workplaces by using innovative technologies & services that enable companies to develop profitable & sustainable environments and help individuals to love their work.

Love Your Country. Love Your Neighbour. Love Your Work. Integrity in our work, respect for people & harmony with our planet – what a refreshingly simple way for all of us to look at ourselves & our businesses.

Why do you Love Your Work? Tell us all about it!