Over the last decade, the world has undergone a technological revolution. New tools and technologies are invented every day, making it very difficult for organisations to keep pace. Nevertheless, many parents expect schools to offer their children the latest and the greatest in cutting edge technologies. School boards risk losing parents’ confidence if they are slow to incorporate the latest advancements into their curriculum.

Ricoh Understands Your School Board’s Challenges

Even with the best intentions, many school boards face obstacles when trying to keep pace with new technologies:

Lack of Funds

Purchasing the newest laptops and 3D printers can be costly. Investing in new technologies can cost a school board thousands of dollars – dollars they may not have readily at hand. 

Staff Pushback

Introducing new technologies into the classroom can be intimidating to administrators and educators who have grown comfortable with the status quo. Some staff may even believe that using new technology will be harmful to the learning process.

Staff Inexperience

Staff may be unwilling to incorporate technology simply because they are inexperienced with it. Some may even be worried about their job security. 

Restrictive Curricula

School boards may be locked into outdated curricula, which limit the use of technology in the classroom. 

Equality Concerns

Staff may have concerns that advanced technologies can negatively impact lower-income students.

Security Concerns

Administrators may believe that paper records are more secure than digital record keeping. 

These difficulties can seem overwhelming, causing some school boards to postpone introducing advanced technologies that benefit students and teachers alike.

Luckily, with Ricoh as your partner, we can help you overcome these challenges.

Rising Above the Fray: Ricoh Gives Your School a Competitive Edge

New technologies are here to stay. Falling behind the curve can jeopardise your students’ competitive edge in college and in the workforce. Ricoh has the expertise to help your school board navigate the exciting world of technology. The benefits include: increased efficiencies, reduced operating costs, and, ultimately, tools that will propel your students to excellence.

Working closely with you, our team will develop a secure enterprise content management (ECM) system that offers:

Time and Money Savings

Our ECM stores all your records in user-friendly, intuitive folders. It includes automated business processes, which reduce the need for commonly repeated manual tasks. Staff can perform search and retrieval at a fraction of the time it would take through a paper-based system. 

Excellent Customer Support

We provide extensive technical support – reducing the load on your IT department – and putting inexperienced staff’s fears to rest.


Your school’s needs are our top priority. We work with you to develop a solution that is beneficial for all parties –  teachers, students, parents, and school administrators. Custom features ensure students of all socio-economic backgrounds are afforded equal access and benefits of the latest technological advancements.

Best Practices

Transitions are never easy. Technology transitions come with their own challenges – software integration, managerial hurdles, and educator trainings. With over a decade of working in the educational sector, Ricoh has built its reputation as a leader in best practices. Our expertise provides solutions to make your transition as seamless as possible.

Integrative Solutions

We understand budget restrictions and staff resistance. That’s why we’ve designed our systems to integrate with your existing infrastructure (software and hardware) – saving you from purchasing new equipment and keeping your staff happy. 


Security is of prime importance and central to all Ricoh solutions. Our ECM solution is no different. Storing your documents in a secure electronic repository or on the Cloud is extremely secure and, in the event of a catastrophic event (e.g., fire or flood), recoverable.

Cutting Edge Technologies

Ricoh is nimble and adaptive, staying ahead of the game in order to provide you top of the line, affordable technologies such as interactive whiteboards and unified communication systems. This technology integrates with your ECM system, allowing for smooth operations.

Mobile-Friendly Technology

Our technology is mobile-friendly, allowing employees to access the information they need, even when they are out of the office.

School boards have students’ best interests at heart. In today’s world, providing advanced technologies in the classroom as well as in the records office sets your students on a path of knowledge, productivity, and success. Talk to a Ricoh representative today to chart your school’s new 21st century course of action.

Talk to a Ricoh representative about how your school board can implement cutting-edge technology to stay ahead in today’s digital world. Contact us at educationsolutions@ricoh.ca.