In a perfect world, all employees would be a perfect fit for their jobs, and there’d never be a need to fire anyone. Unfortunately, that world doesn’t exist.

Dismissals are a fact of life. Even in the best of times, such cases can be difficult for all parties involved; and a wrongful dismissal case even more so, especially if your institution lacks a modernised, digital documentation system. Regardless of dismissal type, both parties are often required to produce significant documentation. While the employee facing dismissal may have ready access to such records, organisations often find themselves scrambling to retrieve needed documents from a variety of internal departments.

A Paperless Documentation System Saves Time, Money & Reputation

Higher education institutions – often with tens of thousands of students and thousands of employees – experience particularly daunting challenges when faced with a wrongful dismissal case. How to get ahead of the issue is one of the biggest questions schools face going forward.

In a paper-based environment, files may be stored across multiple departments, in multiple buildings. If there’s no schematic filing structure for these records, retrieving documents substantiating grounds for dismissal can be difficult to collate. From beginning to end, the process can create headaches as well as significant financial losses: outside counsel finds document delays frustrating and time-consuming, while institutions risk losing justified cases, because they are unable to produce documents quickly enough or at all. The end result is not just time and financial losses but also a damaged public image. Looking into the future, experts predict that the legal requirements for providing documents will grow stricter, as digitisation becomes the standard method of documentation management and retention.

Now is the time to assess your institution’s capabilities and limitations with a trusted partner.

Ricoh Arms Institutions with Robust Digital Systems

When faced with upgrading your document retention systems, having the right partner in your corner can make all the difference. At Ricoh, we believe every school and university should be protected with an efficient, secure, and easy-to-use enterprise content management (ECM) system. Placing compliance and effectiveness as key priorities, we’ve developed unique and state-of-the-art solutions for academic institutions, businesses, and government agencies.

To meet your institution’s specific needs, Ricoh works with you to create a personalised and robust ECM that includes:


All records are stored digitally in an electronic repository or in the Cloud. We will work with your institution to develop custom filing structures designed to help you be more prepared. Records are organised according to intuitive file structures for easy search and retrieval.


Our solutions are extremely secure and recoverable, so institutions never have to worry about lost or damaged records. We use cutting-edge technology to ensure that your data is available and accessible as needed.


Since all members of your team are able to work together on the same digital copy, collaboration has never been easier. In stark contrast to paper documents – with multiple copies, out-of-sync editing and copying, and wasted time and money – Ricoh’s ECM system is mobile-friendly, enabling team members to collaborate with ease even when they are on the go.


Our processes streamline traditionally time-consuming, manual tasks with automated systems (e.g., email notifications).


When processes are performed, data is logged – showing who made changes to a file and when. Collected data can be used to substantiate your claims and extrapolate further conclusions in dismissal cases.


There are significant time- and cost savings that come from implementing Ricoh solutions. Through a simple keyword search, university employees can retrieve and produce documentation in a matter of seconds – rather than hours or days. Digital records significantly reduce printing costs and storage expenses.

With Ricoh’s enterprise content management system, there’s no longer a reason to lose a wrongful dismissal case simply because your institution can’t produce required documents in a timely fashion. We’re here to arm you with the tools and systems needed in this digitised world. Let’s get started today!

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