A forward-thinking Human Resources (HR) department should be up to date with the latest HR technologies. Automation can greatly reduce the amount of time it takes for HR personnel to perform tasks, allowing them to contribute their time to more valuable duties. These benefits are particularly important for HR departments within local governments as they retain accountability to constituents. As such, their government processes must be effective, efficient, and compliant. The best way to ensure this is to implement the most up-to-date HR technologies.

There Are Three Vital Technologies Which a Modern Hr Department Should Adopt

Electronic Forms

Digitizing documents and forms reduces paper waste and improves the efficiency of HR processes with no lost time waiting for fax or snail mail. A digital application process allows HR personnel to easily share information with potential candidates. With all materials hosted online, forms can be accessed from any authorized device and are readily shared via links, making the process much simpler and more efficient for all parties involved. Efficiency is further improved with built-in verification: to save valuable HR time, this tool will catch mistakes such as an incorrect email format and prevent submission until those mistakes are corrected. Similarly, electronic forms can perform automatic rejections based on predetermined criteria; enabling HR departments to cut down on time spent reviewing applications. Electronic forms can also be utilized for time off requests, performance appraisals and leaves of absence. These digital forms can be customized and connected to a larger business process whereby the applications are stored in a secure electronic repository or in the cloud for reliable document storage, backup and recovery.


Electronic Content Management

A proper electronic content management (ECM) system can vastly improve the lives of HR professionals. Government HR departments are often required to attend to complex government regulations and compliance requirements. Within a paper-based system, the growing numbers of documents become increasingly hard to maintain, potentially opening governments up to compliance-related violations and related fees. Ricoh has worked with local governments across Canada and we realize the unique needs of each municipality. We are very well versed in government regulations and our fully customizable ECM solutions offer the capacity to classify documents according to pertinent compliance standards. Ricoh’s solutions provide benefits such as the ability to apply retention requirements to records, making them unable to be deleted before their retention time is up.An ECM system also makes it much easier for HR to share documents with other departments; this can result in a huge boost to efficiency as the process takes notoriously long with paper-based documents. Local governments are required to keep HR files for existing, ex-employees and retired employees. It adds up!

Mobile Business Processing

Implementing a mobile-friendly system is vital to keeping processes moving regardless of where employees are working from. Through a mobile system, an HR department can:

  • Allow prospects to apply using their mobile phone. Particularly useful at recruiting events such as job fairs, HR workers can simply share a link and the application can be completed on the spot.
  • Easily approve or reject applicants while working remotely. Whether traveling between offices or at a job fair, a mobile-friendly system enables HR personnel to review applications, monitor processes, give approval, and more.
  • Complete time-sensitive tasks quickly. Without the requirement of being in the office, HR professionals are able to perform many tasks more efficiently.
  • Increase the desirability of a position with the local government. Applicants increasingly search for and apply to jobs on their phones and appreciate when an organization is embracing the future. For a great candidate, the ability to apply on a mobile device might make the difference between applying to your posting or forgetting about it.



Ricoh is a market-leader in deploying digital solutions to local governments and knows the landscape better than anybody. We have deployed cutting-edge solutions across Canada for over a decade, receiving numerous awards for our work. It’s time to take the plunge and modernize your HR department with Ricoh’s comprehensive solutions and continuing support.


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