Most local governments have relied on paper-based systems for their entire history, which may be up to hundreds of years. It can be difficult to change something that has been part of an organization for so long. However, there are innumerable benefits which digital systems provide and your government has decided to switch over. That’s great! But which system should be chosen? There are dozens on the market and they all have different features. This is a big change and you want to make sure that you get it right.

Let Us Tell You Why Ricoh Is the Right Choice

Ricoh has been in your place and we understand the challenges that come with digitizing your organization. We built our business in Canada as a photocopier and fax manufacturer. We sold those devices because at the time they were cutting-edge and represented the best of technology. However, at one point we realized that the future was digital and we transitioned our company to sell comprehensive electronic solutions. While other photocopier companies were going out of business, Ricoh was again at the forefront of technology, helping organizations work smarter and grow in the process. Today we have over 2000 employees located throughout the country providing digital solutions. Ricoh is the leader in this space, as we have served a large portion of the Canadian market for many years and have seen how governments and technologies have changed and evolved. Our past was built on imagining change and so is our future.


Unlike others, Ricoh has extensive experience working with local governments across Canada. We have deployed over a hundred solutions to local governments and understand the particular challenges that come with working in the public sector. We are aware of the unique compliance and retention requirements which are present in each province and territory and design systems around these requirements. Through our solutions, governments can optimize their processes and build better relationships with constituents. Our solutions are extremely secure and safe while remaining accessible to employees (on their computers and mobile devices).

We provide a diverse array of Electronic Content Management (ECM) and Business Process Management (BPM) services. Through our comprehensive packages, governments can modernize their entire office, from digitizing paper records, introducing automated contract management, incorporating mobile printing to running complex business processes with the click of a button. If the current need is only for a specific service, we will tailor the solution accordingly so that it can be integrated into the existing software and hardware. Our solutions are comprehensive and scalable, so if your government decides in the future to utilize other Ricoh services we can integrate those as well.

Ricoh has received glowing reviews from government workers across Canada and has won awards for our quality management and ethical business practices.


The time to digitize your office is now. We can help you make the transition.