In an era of increasing scrutiny of corporate
sustainability and environmental practices, Ricoh stands apart. Ricoh is a
7-Time honoree on the list of the World’s Most Ethical Companies. This
Award recognizes companies that combine their principles with concrete action
and demonstrate an unrelenting will to make trust part of their company culture
and composition. It celebrates how a company sets itself up for meeting future
industry standards by incorporating “tomorrow’s best practices today”. We are
proud to be named among other companies such as 3M, General Electric, Kellogg
Company, L’Oreal and MasterCard.


Companies often talk about their commitment to ethical and sustainable work but rarely deliver because they are either not invested in it or it is too expensive. Ricoh’s award-winning solutions are the perfect combination of being extremely effective as well as environmentally friendly. Our comprehensive enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM) solutions help governments create more optimized workflows and more productive environments. We offer highly customizable solutions which governments can integrate into their existing processes. We can re-build government processes from the bottom-up or add in that one little piece that is needed to make the process perfect. In-line with our commitment to eco-friendliness, our electronic systems help eliminate paper records which not only save trees but also save governments money by eliminating expensive printing and storage costs.

According to the Ethisphere Institute, who distributes the award, honorees not only promote ethical business standards and practices internally — they exceed legal compliance minimums. This dedication to compliance is one of the reasons that over a hundred local governments across Canada have worked with Ricoh. We integrate compliance requirements directly into our solutions so that they can be implemented easily. We have a team of professionals who are extremely knowledgeable on government requirements on topics such as retention periods and how to handle freedom of information (FOI) requests. We can create streamlined automated business processes which help you handle FOI requests more quickly and cheaply. In stark contrast to traditional implementations, with our constituent-centric system, the requester is notified at every step of the process and can do everything from the initial request to reading the information requested on their computer or smartphone. These advances lead to a happier and more engaged constituency. When working with Ricoh governments know that they are dealing with a trusted company. 
Citizens respect ethical and environmentally-friendly companies and look favourably on governments who choose to do business with them. Ricoh is a world-renowned company which has experience working with local governments in Canada and can help your government be more environmentally friendly, efficient and compliant.

For more information on Ricoh’s services for municipalities, visit our website.