Every local government deals with
the issue of keeping up to pace with technology and the related challenges and
benefits. A 2014 study which polled Canadian local government professionals
revealed that 94% of them believed that local governments have a responsibility
to keep up to pace with technology. In keeping with these beliefs, more than a
third of these local governments will increase their technology budgets over
the next 5 years.

In the modern working world, almost
every employee carries with them their own smartphone. Often, this is viewed as
a drain on efficiency as employees may spend working time on their phone. However
with Ricoh, mobile devices can be used to actually increase efficiency.

Employees often face the problem of
not being able to work on a project or read notes unless they are in the
office. This causes a problem for employees, such as those that work in public
works, who often travel and need to update documentation. Often, such employees
have to wait until they are in the office to mark their tasks, during which
time they may forget their notes and miss important facts, possibly introducing
errors into the documents. In addition, other employees who rely on this
documentation may be forced to wait for such workers to come into the office,
leading to valuable employee hours being spent waiting. This may also create a situation
where an employee at the office may update documentation pertinent to the
remote worker’s daily task, which the worker doesn’t see until they come in –
leading to them having to spend more hours out of the office redoing a task.
All of this causes delays, wasted employee time, increased stress and general

Ricoh’s solutions can help set up a
secure cloud based data infrastructure which can be accessed through all the
devices your employees carry, including computers, tablets and smartphones. By
incorporating mobile devices into their work, employees can share information
and comment on important documents from anywhere. Workers can communicate with
each other instantly and ensure that all employees are up to date and that the
information entered is correct.