Located in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, the city of Mount Pearl is the second largest city in the province and hires up to 25 temporary employees every year. Until they turned to Ricoh, Mount Pearl was using an antiquated paper-based system to handle the employment process and needed a solution to automate it.

The City’s Original Process Was Resource Intensive

– Applicants completed applications either through email, in person, or by mail;
– The city received hundreds of these applications each year;
– Applications were held in extremely heavy paper recruitment files that could contain as many as 500 to 1000 pages;
– The physical files had to be appropriately filed and space had to be found to store them.
This system was costly, burdensome and ineffective; leading to possible errors, loss and damage to the records at every step of the process.   
The city turned to Ricoh to design an improved process. Through its work with municipalities and other public institutions, Ricoh understands the stringent requirements for working with public institutions. After all, spending the public’s money has an increased level of scrutiny.

The Solution

The design Ricoh implemented started with integrating all the recruitment information into a centralized electronic location. Ricoh’s solution provides the capacity to import files both through integration within Outlook as well as through scanning (which the solution formats and stores efficiently). Employees can then add metadata pertaining to the candidate and position they are applying to. This helps clarify the process for the hiring committee

Upon completion of the integration process, employees can trigger a process which notifies the hiring committee that the candidate’s information is ready to be analyzed
Within the solution, the hiring committee can create private or public comments on candidate profiles, which aides in private reflection or public discussion on which candidates should be considered. Candidates who are deemed ineligible for the position at hand can be marked as thus and are then discarded from the candidate repository. 
This is an applicant-centric process which is very transparent and which automatically notifies candidates on their status at every step of the process

The City’s Net Benefit from the New System Includes:


An efficient screening process which enables:

– Automatic notification when candidate data is ready for review;
– Easy accessibility to candidate data;
– Open discussion among staff about candidates through the use of comments;
– Filtering ineligible candidates quickly; 


– Significant time savings for the HR team through a centralized easily accessible electronic system;
– Space savings by eliminating the need to deal with the storage of physical documents;
– Freeing up finances for important projects, through savings of $30,000 CAD/year after the first year.
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